Who is Little Eye and what do they make?

Little Eye is a little web + app design shop aiming to make a big impact, and is primarily run by:

a guy in front of laptop

Onar the Developer

Onar is persuing his Master's Degree in Computer Science at La Sapienza University in Rome. He drinks on average 6 cups of tea per day, speaks 4 languages, loves every animal in the world, and for some reason doesn't like Mac n' Cheese.

a woman in front of laptop

Danielle the Designer

Danielle is a Rome-ote designer after having worked 5+ years at agencies in Minneapolis. She drinks on average 3 cups of coffee per day, loves sitting in the sun, and can't understand how someone couldn't like Mac n' Cheese.

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You the Collaborator!

You're someone pretty great, somewhere in the world, in need of a new website— or a makeover of a current site. Or maybe you're looking for new branding, or even a fully executed product. Whatever it is, we're looking forward to chatting about it.

We design & develop custom websites.

Like this one! Hip My Trip is custom travel map shop originally opened on Etsy- but the owner (ok, Danielle) desired to move away from depending on this pricey and increasingly competitive platform in order to develop more of a unique entity. We created this completely custom yet simple website from scribbles on paper to a fully executed experience. Instead of the previous inefficient method of asking visitors to answer questions through Etsy conversations, the site visitor is walked through each step in the custom order form, ensuring a much smoother and systemized map creation process. E-commerce is implemented and securely accepts online payment. We develop with or without Wordpress- it depends on what is best for your project. Live chat is also present. Contact us for our web design price list!

We also can give your current site a beautiful— and functional— makeover.

Such as what we did for food blogger, Cooking On the Front Burner. Deb had a well established wordpress site and social channels, and wished to seamlessly freshen up her logo, colors, and graphics. We are responsible for the new logo, user interface, icons and also corresponding business cards and media kit for the brand. On top of making it look pretty, we also developed a custom "Related Posts" feature that appears after each blog post, leading visitors to further relevant content- increasing engagement and page views. We did this without the use of a plugin that was slowing download times. Contact us for our site makeover and custom site features price list!

SplitUp browser extension illustration

In need of something more custom? We make products too.

With Onar's years of expereince in enterprise software development, and Danielle's years of experience in visual design, we're ready to collaborate with you to make your idea a reality. Shown here is our browser extension for Chrome we collaborated on, SplitUp! Tab Manager. We created a fun (and free!) way to easily organize tabs and windows (including some light animation) so never again will you feel crabby from a browser that's too tabby.

set of icons illustration

Oh! And Danielle does custom icon design.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it couldn't be more true in the digital age. Often, generic or widely used icons just won't cut it to communicate sometimes complex concepts and really shine as a brand. Have no fear- with Danielle's 10+ years of professional and flexible illustration work, we are happy to develop custom icon packs for your needs. They are great for websites, but you will recieve file types that will also allow use in print, storefonts, billboards— sky's the limit! Contact us for our custom icon price list.

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Let's talk about you! How can we collaborate?

Why 5% of profits go towards protecting the rainforest:

We believe the future of entrepeneurship involes integrating impact, because we all wish to live with more intention when given the opportunity. Why the rainforest specifically? Since the peace of all creatures on our pale blue dot depend on a habitable Earth, we decided to integrate donating to the rainforest for its unique and crucial ecological benefits. Apart from hosting the most biodiversity in the world, the rainforest is by far the most important forest carbon sink, yet it is also the most endangered. We know we are not saving the world with this small gesture, but we do beleive if every business integrated a little impact into their model mountains could be moved (maybe literally if climate change gets that bad and for some reason that helps?). We chose Rainforest Action Network for its especially high rating on CharityNavigator.org.

Rainforest Action Network